Gillette x E-Commerce

Lead the digital experience
of an iconic brand


Gillette is a legacy of successful products
for over 120 years. 


Create and lead the design of Gillette e-commerce websites in Europe


Sr. UX/UI Design Manager


Procter & Gamble

What I've done

◌ Design management
◌ UX lead
◌ UI lead
◌ Agencies management

Some challenges I loved to work on


How to scale design efforts in a global context?


How to acquire and retain paying subscribers?

The iteration at the heart of the process

As UX/UI Manager in a large company, starting from scratch on such a topic as direct-to-customer and having a high ambition, I needed to make sure we would fail and learn fast.

One of my main missions was to create a blade subscription experience, to acquire and retain users. I've been working closely other the years with all the business stakeholders, in order to learn about our user needs and how to offer them the right solution.

I had to win on subscription in 3 main markets, France, UK, and Germany, managing different teams in different countries, working on different technologies. 

One of many design iterations for subscription on the french market, which was the test market for all the design iterations


Many user stories
= many optimized user journeys

I've been designing from research to deployment many different optimized journeys, in order to answer the issues our users where facing depending of their journeys.

To design the acquisition of a subscription journey is not something easy.
In a simple journey, the user will have to get interested in the product, to choose the solution fitting the most with his needs, to understand the subscription mechanism, to understand the prices he's going to pay, to choose the frequency he needs, and most of all: to commit to a subscription.

Prototype of an iteration for subscription on the french market, which was the test market for all the design iterations.
That specific landing page was a targetted from paid acquisition and drastically improved our conversion rate on that journey.

Scaling design efforts at global level

In two years, the roadmap has been very loaded, through many brand initiatives, business activations, the launch of new products, and launch of new Gillette brands, co-existing on the same website. 

Managing different teams and technologies, I've put a lot of effort into creating UX and UI consistency, while always taking into consideration our different user needs and opportunities.


From scratch to sucess 

It took me a month to design from scratch the website of that new brand and launch it, collaborating on the front-end integration on Prestashop with isobar Switzerland and isobar Portugal. 

The following KPIs are showing some of the success that has been measured 3 weeks after the launch of our website in June 2020.



Over-delivered revenue target



managed teams, across agencies around the world



new features delivered per year in average