GoPro x Fusion Studio

Designing a software of virtual reality production,
for both consumers and professionals

About GoPro Fusion Studio

At GoPro, we wanted to offer the best tools in order to help users to share their passions and stories.
Fusion was the first single-camera capturing 360° degree videos at a resolution up to 5.2K. 
With the mobile app, a simple and direct experience was offered. For a more advanced and better result, a desktop software,
named Fusion Studio, for which I was leading the design

Lead UX / UI Designer

I was working at GoPro for two years when I started the project of Fusion Studio. I was leading our 2 designers team dedicated to the product, while synchronizing the work with the Global Design team based in San Diego and San Francisco and supporting integration with the dev team of GoPro Alps.

User research, user experience design, user interface design, dev support and synchronization with the global design team

Timeline and outputs

Approx. 6 months of work, from research to delivery of the first public version of the software

Two sides of the same coin.

Since the beginning of the project, we knew it would be a product for two very different typologies of users

The professional users.
We were used to working for professionals users since, at that time, VR production was something very technical.  We've been interviewing and working with a community of producers, from different industries, in order to understand their expectations. 
Basically, these users were looking for the best quality of the render, advanced settings, batch production, space management,...  Their goal was to integrate the camera shot into a professional workflow as soon as possible, meaning switching to different tools and software.

The GoPro customers.
That product was definitely open to all GoPro users looking for a new experience. Meaning our product had to be consistent with the user experience GoPro users are used to: The best quality, seamlessly. 

That was a big challenge, to merge a very simple and a very advanced experience, under the same flag. 

Selected Works

GoProUX/UI Design

GoPro - DuplicateUX/UI Design

Gillette DTCUX/UI Design Management