Typewise x Design Challenge

Onboard users using a revolutionary
keyboard for the first time


The average churn rate for an app is around 70%. For a tool as sensitive as a keyboard, asking some effort from the user, it's crucial to help the user 

Using the app for the first time

One of the main missions of GoPro VR was to offer a first good experience 360° videos. Back in 2016, most of the people never heard about 360° videos.


Ensure a great content experience

When working on a media platform, featuring a lot of UGC, it's important to balance the space you give the creators community but ensure at the same time the best quality content is provided to the viewers.
At that time, our users were rather discovering 360°video for the first time or, for those who already tried, they had quite disappointing experiences due to the bad quality of most of the produced content.

I designed a journey based on two factors to ensure a successful experience.
At the top of the screen, on the homepage, and inside each category, I displayed the highlighted content, curated by our team. 
Below, the rest of the videos were automatically sorted, showing the most viewed content by default.


Building on the opportunities of the different devices

While designing the entire interface of GoPro VR on the mobile app, tablet app, desktop, and VR headset, one of the most crucial aspects has been the actual video consumption experience.

Interaction design was crucial on that point. For instance on desktop, we had to make sure the user would be able to interact with the 360° with the mouse, meaning I had to lead many types of research in order to understand if the user would prefer to move the mouse in the direction they want to see, or the opposite direction, if they prefer to drag and drop, to point and click...

Also, I needed to make sure the UI of the player would come when the user needs it, but also disappear when the user enjoys the immersion offered by 360°.