Designing the offline experience
of a digital-first unicorn

Designing the offline experience
of a digital-first unicorn

As a senior product designer at Alan, I got the amazing challenge of building the entire MVP of our experience for digitally challenge users.


Alan is a French unicorn redefining healthcare as the ultimate one-stop health partner through a B2B strategy. The platform offers a digital-first experience, emphasizing simplicity and a user-centric approach.

However, to sustain its growth and uphold its high standards of service, Alan must ensure the same level of experience is accessible to all users, including those requiring special accessibility features, such as the fully offline experience.

Problem to solve

How to allow digitally challenged users to get the benefits of a fully digital product?

My role

As a design lead for this project, I led the design initiative from scoping the issue, to framing and making solutions. I worked with user researcher, designers and product managers.

My approach

In order to deliver this MVP, I had to make sure everyone was clear on what are the jobs to be done.
After having documented every problems, and design rational in order to solve it for our digitally challenged users, I created a entire scenario of our MVP, which includes all the different personas concerned by the project.
I also took care of illustrating all the steps, by prompting in Midjourney, in order to leverage AI in creating a high level of empathy with users, which is crucial in a context of offline experience design, where the user is confronted to more efforts and physical interactions.