Start the digital experience
of iconic brands

Start the digital experience
of iconic brands

As a senior ux/ui design manager at Procter & Gamble,
I was in charge of creating the digital commerce experience of iconic brands such as Gillette and Braun.


When I joined Procter & Gamble, major brands like Gillette were facing significant challenges from new online competitors. The rise of these digital-first companies disrupted traditional retail models by directly engaging with consumers through the internet. In response, my task was to quickly design and deploy successful direct-to-customer websites for P&G's major brands. This initiative was crucial not only to regain market share but also to establish a direct line of communication and sales with consumers, bypassing traditional retail channels. My role involved rapidly creating user-centric e-commerce platforms that could compete effectively in this new, evolving marketplace.

Problem to solve

How can we encourage customers to buy a widely available brand without relying on aggressive pricing strategies?

My process and direct impact

  • User Research: I conducted an extensive analysis of our global data on blade consumption patterns and user behavior, which I combined with over 40 user interviews. This was aimed at understanding how to create solutions that effectively address our users' existing issues. Usability testing was also a core part of the process, implemented during user interviews as well as through live A/B testing, and by delivering tailored features across different markets.

  • Leading the Design:

    During my tenure, Gillette launched new brands including Gillette Labs and King C. Gillette. The example shown at the bottom illustrates the UI work I conducted, based on research aimed at capturing user attention and guiding them to a persuasive and ultimately conversion-driven landing page.
    It was also an amazing work to create the right assets and iterate with our team and external partners, to have a consistent brand experience in retails, advertisement and online.

  • Managing the Execution:

    My role then shifted to ensuring that we could deliver these different initiatives and campaigns at scale across various markets. This was a challenging task as each country presented unique specifications, including technical feasibility. From sourcing partners to overseeing the entire integration process and delivering to our various platforms, I was responsible for ensuring that we provided the best possible experience to our users on time. These launches were critical, both for the brand and the broader corporate group.

  • Outcome: