Samy Aboudrar

Bonjour, I'm a product designer and design manager with over 10 years of experience.

Some amazing teams I've been part of

Some amazing teams I've been part of

Some amazing teams I've been part of


Lead product designer
2015 - 2017

As a member of the UX team, I directed the GoPro Alps design team, focusing on innovative VR products. I played a pivotal role in the successful delivery of GoPro VR, a multi-platform video hosting service accessible via mobile apps, web, and VR environments, and of several Camera desktop apps. I've been collaborating with developers and diverse teams across the globe.


Senior Product Designer
2023 - 2024

Alan is a French unicorn building the one-stop health parner. In my role as Senior Product Designer, I designed from 0 to 1 healthcare solutions, emphasizing mental well-being. I also collaborated across disciplines to build the offline user experience and applyed AI-driven methodologies into the design process within a horizontal organization of briliant product designers.


2014 - 2015

As the founder of Univrse, a VR agency, I led a VR video production agency. I delivered innovative VR solutions to a diverse client base, including major companies like LG Electronics. I spearheaded business development and managed client relationships, ensuring our clients received tailored, high-quality VR content.


Lead product designer
2022 - 2023

As the Lead Product Designer, I managed a high-impact design team in launching savings product, overseeing its development from initial concept to full-scale production.
I delivered end-to-end design solutions, from initial research to product launch, ensuring a smooth user experience for complex financial products in the money market sector. My role included conducting weekly reports to C-level executives.


UX Designer and researcher
2017 - 2019

In my role as a UX designer and researcher, I contributed the global online shopping experience by crafting user-centric acquisition and retention strategies, along with the design of connected machine applications and e-commerce websites. Through collaboration with IT and e-commerce management teams, I spearheaded the development of a design framework that significantly bolstered customer centricity across numerous company initiatives.


UX / UI Designer
2013 - 2014

At Kolor, a market-leading startup in virtual reality software in 2013, my role as a UX/UI Designer was pivotal in shaping the user experience. I was instrumental in designing the company's e-commerce platform and continuously enhancing the UX of our software applications. My contributions included integrating B2B strategies into the product design to boost customer engagement and working collaboratively in a dynamic startup environment to deliver cutting-edge software solutions. Throughout my tenure, I maintained a strong focus on user-centered design principles, significantly improving product usability and customer satisfaction.

Procter & Gamble

Senior UX/UI Design Manager
2019 - 2022

At P&G, I spearheaded the design of direct-to-customer experiences for major brands such as Braun, Gillette, and Oral-B, managing multiple large-scale e-commerce projects. I led design strategy and execution for new consumer experiences, acting as the user voice across all stakeholders, and managed multiple design teams. My leadership facilitated the integration of design systems across various product lines and ensured successful product launches through cross-functional collaboration.

Savoy university

2019 - 2024

At Savoy University, my role as a teacher involved instructing Master’s degree students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. I led comprehensive workshops that guided students from the initial discovery phase all the way through to the delivery of a product prototype. Additionally, I conducted in-depth workshops on Figma, covering everything from wireframing basics to the creation of high-fidelity prototypes.

Happy father, happy designer, happy musician

My design journey began when I was just 12. Fueled by a passion for playing music with my band, my creative energy soon extended into the digital realm.
Passionated by playing music with my band, my creative passion soon spilled over into the digital realm as I became engrossed with Photoshop 7.0, crafting artworks, flash websites (and glossy myspace redesign) not just for our band, but for a vibrant community of musicians and local skate shop owners. It was here that my commitment to crafting experiences took root—spanning artworks, album covers, music, websites, and videos.

I honed this craft academically, earning a Master’s in Interaction Design and a Bachelor’s in Sound Design. These skills were amplified through touring across Europe, since each experience enriched my understanding of human expression and interaction, shaping me into an empathetic designer attuned to the nuanced needs of users.

Today, my design journey continues with the same fervor. I am constantly excited by new opportunities to meet users and devise elegant, effective solutions for them.

Yet, amidst my portfolio of professional accomplishments, my greatest design is my son.